Bayes Esports to Power KRAFTON with PUBG Esports Data

The renowned video game publisher KRAFTON has teamed up with Bayes Esports, a company aspiring to be the best provider of live esports data. The latter firm will support the publisher with official data for the famous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) video game title.

Bayes to Help KRAFTON Boost Its Data Offering

Bayes Esports said that it intends to support KRAFTON by helping it streamline data access for its fans across the world. In addition, the esports specialist will help KRAFTON boost its official data offering for use by the esports scene and by the community.

Amir Mirzaee, Bayes Esports’ chief operating officer and managing director, said that the published will be able to use the data for many purposes, such as live and historic game data access, statistics and data visualizations, among others. Mirzaee said that the provider’s primary goal is to boost engagement acr lodislot oss esports communities while protecting the integrity of the sector.  

Our main objective is always the enhancement of community engagement while driving for the integrity of the esport in particular.

Amir Mirzaee, COO, Bayes Esports

Mirzaee added that Bayes Esports is only getting started and plans to further boost its portfolio of supported titles. To that end, the provider’s team is happy to welcome KRAFTON to the Bayes family and is excited to help it support the global esports community with an official data offering.

We view their (KRAFTON’s) involvement as critical in order to take esports as a sport to the next level of global engagement.

Amir Mirzaee, COO, Bayes EsportsBayes Esports Continues Its Expansion

KRAFTON is excited to take esports one step further and work with an industry leader such as Bayes Esports to provide fans with robust PUBG esports data. The head of PUBG Esports at KRAFTON, Yi Min-ho, said that his team is always looking to engage fans of PUBG esports. The deal with Bayes, Min-ho believes, will help the company provide “meaningful and insightful data” to fans. Thanks to that, fans would be able to delve deeper into the world of professional PUBG.

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Thanks to the agreement with KRAFTON, Bayes Esports will expand its portfolio of supported games and leagues. The provider has existing partnerships with Riot Games and its League of Legends title, as well as with various event organizers such as ESL Gaming, Dreamhack, Beyond the Summit and OGA.  

In other news, Bayes Esports just teamed with the leading operator bet365 to launch a new line of esports products in the United States. Thanks to this agreement, Bayes Esports is now the first official supplier of such products in the country.