SCCG Management and Seth Schorr to Boost GamerWager Reach in US

SCCG Management founder and CEO Stephen Crystal has agreed to strike a fresh partnership with Seth Schorr and his firms, allowing the UK-licensed GamerWager to transfer its expertise in esports betting to the United States. With the US showing some early symptoms of esports betting adoption, more platforms are exploring the opportunity of securing a foothold.

This makes sense given that the country has a flourishing esports industry, with the better part of the global jobs market now concentrated in North America. GamerWager is a pioneering platform that is described as a “peer-to-peer” video game betting platform and is the first to be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and available on mobile devices in the country.

The platform allows players to bet on themselves across a variety of esports competitions. The idea is like what Unikrn does with UMode, an esports betting platform where an AI collates data about your performance and offers odds on you achieving specific milestones. Commenting on this partnership, Crystal praised Schorr for his expertise and reach that allows the esports betting platform to reach new audiences and develop.

“The ability to provide casual gamers an easy to access platform for their favorite titles is essential to bringing broad consumer awareness to the esports wagering market.”

SCCG Management founder and CEO Stephen Crystal Esports Gathering Momentum in the US

Casual experiences may indeed unlock the potential of esports betting in the United States and beyond. No state has a clearly defined framework for esports just yet, although Nevada and New Jersey have been experimenting.

Nevada allowed per-case esports betting in 2020 when the pandemic wrote off most of the available sports. Commenting on this partnership from his own perspective, Schorr explained that he has been one of the most passionate advocates for esports betting in Nevada.

“It was refreshing to lodivip find an operator that understands the regulatory requirements and has gambling in their DNA.”

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Seth Schorr

Esports and gaming culture are highly relative to the iGaming industry, Schorr explained in a press release, and GamerWager is perfectly positioned to make a difference and cater to a market that needs providers. The peer-to-peer offering is precisely one of those markets and GamerWager can deliver an advanced product.

GamerWager CEO Mark Goddard has described the joint efforts between the companies as a “dream team” for the fast-evolving US esports betting landscape. The platform is preparing to connection with what it calls millions of passionate gamers in regulated markets, not just in the US, but also around the world.