Sega Sammy Holdings Incorporated receives Nevada licenses

Japanese pachinko giant Sega Sammy Holdings Incorporated has announced that it will soon begin manufacturing and selling its products in Nevada after license applications for two of its subsidiaries were approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Tokyo-listed Sega Sammy Holdings Incorporated revealed on Tuesday that the license approvals for its Sega Sammy Creation Incorporated subordinate as well as that enterprise’s Sega Sammy Creation USA Incorporated offshoot 7BALL mean that the pair is now authorized to manufacture, sell and distribute gaming machines throughout Nevada.

Sega Sammy Holdings Incorporated further declared that Sega Sammy Creation Incorporated and Sega Sammy Creation USA Incorporated now intend to ‘develop their sales structures’ and ask that their gaming machines be inspected by ‘the relevant institutions’ with the aim of introducing products onto the Nevada market by the end of March of 2019.

“Based on this acquisition, they will also move forward with procedures to acquire licenses in other regions to expand their distribution area but at this time the impact of this license acquisition on this fiscal year’s results is expected to be minor,” read a statement (pdf) from Sega Sammy Holdings Incorporated.

Sega Sammy Holdings Incorporated moreover used the brief December 5 revelation to reiterate a November forecast that it intends to generate consolidated revenues of around $2.92 billion for the twelve months to the end of March alongside operating income of approximately $115.41 million to give it an annual profit of just over $44.38 million.

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