Hyper Scape Open Beta Arrives, Ubisoft Reveals Requirements

Ubisoft’s new battle royale shooter Hyper Scape open beta is out. Here are the system requirements and more details regarding the futuristic shooter.

Hyper Scape Open Beta is Now Out, Here Are the System Requirements

Sunday, July 12, Ubisoft announced the release of a new battle royale shooter: Hyper Scape. The game initially launched a technical test earlier this month, but it is now accessible for the public. Hyper Scape is free to play so any user who wants to download it for PC can visit Ubisoft’s official website and download it. But what about the game itself? Hyper Scape is a battle royale shooter of new generation. Taking place 30 years from now in a futuristic urban environment, players battle in an event called Crown Rush. The fast-pace battles are held a cross seven different districts of the future virtual city called Neo Arcadia.

Now that the Hyper Scape Beta is out, here are the system requirements announced by Ubisoft:

Minimum System Requirements:

Minimum configuration (Low settings, 1080p @ 60fps)Intel Core i3 3220 or AMD FX-4130 with 6 GB RAMNvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 with 2 GB dedicated VRAM

Recommended System Requirements:

Recommended configuration (High settings, 1080p @ 60fps)Intel Core i7 4790 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X with 8 GB RAMNvidia GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 480 with 4 GB dedicated VRAM

High-End System Requirements:

High-end configuration (Ultra High settings, up to 4K @ 60fps)Intel Core i9 7900 X, AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 3600 with 16 GB RAMNvidia 2080Ti or AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT with 11 GB dedicated VRAM

According to the developers: “The game has been built and optimized to run across a spectrum of hardware, as we strongly believe that all are welcome in the Hyper Scape community.“

Hyper Scape’s Open Beta is now available on PC!

Download for free on Uplay and prove your skills as a champion of the Hyper Scape.

— Hyper Scape (@HyperScapeGame) July 12, 2020

Additional Details Regarding Ubisoft’s Futuristic Shooter Hyper Scape

Ubisoft’s new fist person battle royal shooter Hyper Scape brings an entire new look of the battle royal genre. This is because players who fight engage on both horizontal and vertical fights. In other words, players battles take place anywhere in the battle ground from the streets to the rooftops. Besides variety of futuristic weapons, players can also use special abilities known as “Hacks“.

Up to 99 players fight in an event called Crown Rush, whereas the world continues to shrink over time. With more players eliminated, once there is one final sector remaining, this is when the Crown appears. The developers labeled this phase of the game as “Showdown“. To win the game, players must either eliminate the other haha777 teams or hold the crown for 45 seconds.

In addition, we cannot miss to mention the futuristic approach of the developer in terms of game interaction between the players and viewers on Twitch. According to the team, the new: “Crowncast Twitch extension allows viewers to vote on game-changing effects that impact all players in real-time!” With that in mind, Ubisoft announced that further details on this contemporary feature are expected soon.

Hyper Scape Open Beta Available Player Content

Further to the announcement of the open beta launch of the game, Ubisoft revealed more details on the available content. Currently, players can enjoy the Crown Rush Squad game mode. With this mode, 33 squads of 3 players each play against each other. Another game mode available for players is Crown Rush Solo mode. In this mode 100 players are in a battle royale game with one winner. Ubisoft also announced that two more game modes may be coming soon but has not revealed any further details at this point.

Currently, Hyper Scape open beta offers 10 different weapons and 10 hacks. For the moment, in total there are 9 champion outfits. Players also receive a free Battle Pass with some 30 tiers. Cosmetic only items will be available for players and they are going to be left to keep at the end of the Open Beta. Given that the Hyper Scape just launched as open beta, exciting developments are expected in the near future. Moreover, similar to Riot Games’ Valorant, the developer team of Hyper Scape welcomes any feedback from the players participating in the open beta. 

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