Altenar Taps Oddin Esports Odds to Cater to Customer Needs

Esports odds provider Oddin has teamed up with Altenar, allowing the latter’s clients to benefit from high-quality in-play markets for competitive video gaming.

Oddin Loops Altenar in Esports Betting 

Gambling businesses continue to explore new opportunities taya365 in the esports betting space with Altenar, a multi-jurisdictional iGaming software provider, teaming up with Oddin, an esports supplier of odds, data, and insights. 

Oddin’s expertise lies in creating engaging and entertaining in-play betting experiences that appeal to younger generations. The company reports over 80% of uptime and a wide variety of esports tournament coverage. 

Moving forward, Altenar, which operates in Latin America, Africa, and Europe, will be able to deliver Oddin’s unique product to any partner and client in whitelisted jurisdictions. Company CEO Stanislav Silin welcomed the partnership, hailing esports as a global phenomenon and success.

Silin explained that the company had experienced a growing demand for esports markets and solutions, which has prompted it to seek a suitable partner, which it has found in the face of Oddin. With clients focusing on leading games, Silin explained, Oddin’s expertise has come at the right time:

“Their product is ready to deliver a very competitive live betting offering. Our clients can’t wait to connect Oddin’s odds feed for Counter-Strike, League of Legends, or Dota 2.”

Altenar CEO Stanislav Silin

The chief executive was confident that with the addition of an esports option, Altenar’s partner sportsbooks would be able to attract more Millennial customers to their sportsbooks. While this is true on its face, esports fans are mostly focused on competitive video gaming.

Beware of Millennials and Gen-Z

When esports betting first emerged, Betway and Pinnacle were among the first brands to capitalize on the market, but they only did so because they focused on esports entirely and not as a means to convert esports fans into traditional sports fans.

Mike Sepso, the man who created Major Gaming League and assisted Blizzard in setting up the franchised model for the Overwatch League, has always advertised to not “mislead esports fans” because they have a very low tolerance threshold and are quick to condemn brands.

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That is why the best strategy towards esports is to advertise your product either openly for what it is, such as cars, beverages, or foods, or focus entirely on the esports experience. Betway and Pinnacle have successfully signed multiple sponsorships with esports organizations or hosted entire tournaments, such as the Pinnacle Cup, or simply sponsored existing events such as the BLAST Series. 

Oddin, head of partnerships Marek Suchar, commented on the partnership and said that the tie-up with Altenar was great news for the esports betting industry in general. “Esports betting is meant to play a key role in the industry for the upcoming years, and big partnerships like this are just the beginning,” Suchar added.

Esports betting did pick up during the pandemic when most sports events were suspended, and the only alternatives were competitive video gaming and a few exotic sporting titles. Even though most in-person esports events were also postponed or rescheduled online, there was robust activity around popular titles such as Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota 2, and even FIFA.

Mainstream sports, such as NASCAR, decided to give video gaming a more serious consideration, and so did F1, with motorsports events now running competitive gaming.